Ferrari and Schumi will be back in ’06 : Walker

Wed, 23 November 2005, 11:54

Legendary Formula 1 commentator, Murray Walker has said that Ferrari’s pride has been hurt this season and undoubtedly give a tough fight in the next season. In an interview given to ITV, he said that Schumi’s problem was his car and anybody questioning his ability was a fool.

“The ill-informed are gleefully pointing out that Schumacher is over the hill and past it which is incredibly stupid, because Schumacher’s problem in 2005 was not Michael Schumacher, it was the Ferrari and the tyres.”

“And they will have been stung into action.”

“Their pride will have been very badly hurt this season. I mean Italy is Ferrari and Ferrari is Italy and they have both taken a severe knocking in ’05.”

“And they will be back, or should be back, in 2006.”

“But then I remember that at the beginning of 2005 I did a big preview article for F1 Racing in which I confidently said that you can forget about everybody but Schumacher because he will blow them all away and how wrong can you be!”

Source : ITV

Ketan Paul

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