Ferrari announces sponsor

Fri, 12 January 2007, 10:33

Ferrari is proud to announce it has established a sponsorship agreement with Mubadala Development Company, an investment company owned by the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. In July 2005, Mubadala Development purchased a five percent stake in Ferrari from Mediobanca of Italy.

The Mubadala logo will feature on the Ferrari cars that will compete in the Formula 1 World
Championship, as well as on the drivers’ caps.

“We are pleased to have reached a sponsorship agreement with such a dynamic company as Mubadala, with whom we share important values such as the research into innovation and a passion for our work,” said Ferrari C.E.O. Jean Todt. Furthermore, this agreement strengthens our ties with the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, where a Ferrari theme park is being created in a State located in a region in which interest in Formula 1 is growing ever stronger.”

The accord came into effect on 1st January and is for three years.

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