Ferrari confirm ‘no talks’ with Alonso

Sat, 30 September 2006, 10:41

Ferrari’s Ross Brawn has confirmed Fernando Alonso’s revelation that he never considered moving to the Italian formula one team.

”We never talked to him,” the technical director said. ”We were very happy with (pursuing) Kimi, so there was no point in getting into that.”

25-year-old Alonso, it is now clear, pinned his allegiance very early on to McLaren, even though it is still unclear who his teammate will be next year.

The fight for the second silver seat is down to a battle between Pedro de la Rosa and Lewis Hamilton, and Alonso said in Shanghai that he wouldn’t mind being paired with the latter British rookie, who recently won the GP2 title.

”For a big team like McLaren to want (Hamilton) it is because he has talent and style.”


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