Ferrari crack 20,000 rpm for Schu farewell

Mon, 16 October 2006, 12:37

Ferrari, with Michael Schumacher at the wheel, cracked the elusive 20,000 rpm barrier with its Brazil-only engine specification whilst testing at Jerez last week.

Cosworth and Honda are believed to have also surpassed the impressive figure at one time or another, but – in pursuit of the constructors’ championship and a final grand prix win for the retiring German racer – the red team reportedly intend to regularly run the V8 past 20,000 revs in Sao Paulo this weekend.

“Because their engine must only last for one race, I can imagine that 20,000 is a realistic figure,” Toyota’s former engine boss, Norbert Kreyer, said.

Spain’s ‘Marca’ newspaper, meanwhile, applauded Schumacher after he dominated proceedings last week at his last ever pre-grand prix test at Jerez.

“It is a good job for Alonso that the championship is basically decided,” the newspaper wrote, “because if it was not, every alarm bell at Renault would now be ringing.”

‘Kicker’, however, thinks Schumacher’s Brazilian task for an eighth and final world title is distinctly unlikely, as the magazine referred to it as ‘Mission Impossible 8’.


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