Ferrari denies leaking Coughlan quotes

Tue, 24 July 2007, 12:52

Jean Todt has denied that Ferrari were responsible for leaking to the Italian press excerpts of espionage suspect Mike Coughlan’s sworn affidavit.

The Ferrari principal’s counterpart at McLaren, Ron Dennis, said at the Nurburgring that the source of the leak probably fails to understand the “implications” of disclosing his chief designer’s confidential court statement, which suggests that other team members also knew about the 780-page spy dossier.

“The three recipients of (the) affidavit were told in no uncertain terms that they would be committing a legal breach in the event of any of it being shared with third parties,” he explained.

But Todt on Sunday insisted that Ferrari is not the guilty party.

“It’s out of our control,” the Frenchman told reporters after the European grand prix.

“The more people who are aware, the more opportunity you have to have leaks. We just have to follow the procedures which are in process.

“Honestly, I think other people should be more worried than us on this particular matter.”

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