Ferrari ditch ‘flexi’ wing – report

Fri, 23 June 2006, 11:36

The ‘flexi’ rule tweak has compelled Ferrari to change its rear wing design.

With the FIA clamping down on the regulation loophole, Ferrari’s new design could cost Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa up to a second per lap starting in Montreal, according to the German ‘Bild’ ‘paper.

”Ferrari’s reaction?” the newspaper wrote. ”They have brought completely new wings to Canada.”

It is reported elsewhere, however, that BMW-Sauber – thought to have been the other main ‘flexi’ protagonist – did not have to make a wing change.

In ‘AS’ newspaper, Renault’s Fernando Alonso forgave Ferrari for going down the controversial flexi-path.

”Everyone tries to go to the very limit,” he said.

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