Ferrari has ‘long list’ of concerns about 2021 rules

Tue, 15 October 2019, 07:35

Oct.15 (GMM) Mattia Binotto has suggested that Formula 1 is in for a difficult meeting in Paris this week.

On Wednesday, the ten teams are meeting at the FIA’s headquarters to discuss with the governing body and Liberty Media the proposed rules revolution for 2021.

The already-delayed deadline for finalisation of the regulations is October 31, making this week’s meeting the last real opportunity for agreement.

But it emerged at Suzuka that only four of the ten teams are currently willing to sign up for what is being proposed.

One of the dissenting voices is Ferrari’s, and the Maranello team is also uniquely powerful in that it can controversially ‘veto’ any rule change in Formula 1.

When asked at Suzuka about the six dissenting teams, team boss Binotto said: “That would be a very long conversation that has nothing to do with the race we have just had.

“Let’s just say that some controversial issues remain.

“We must preserve the essence of the sport, where teams receive the rewards they deserve. This is Formula 1, not just a show.

“We have a rather long list of questions, but I don’t think we should go into the details now,” the Italian added.

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