Ferrari plans Vettel future in Singapore – report

Sun, 22 September 2013, 08:35

Sep.22 (GMM) Is Ferrari already planning its future with Sebastian Vettel?

That was the question being asked by the German tabloid Kolner Express on Saturday, after the reigning multiple world champion was spotted meeting with Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali.

The rumour ties in not only with Fernando Alonso’s flirtations with moves to rival teams like Red Bull and McLaren, but also comments made recently by Mark Webber.

The Australian had told Britain’s Sky: “What they (Ferrari) do after that (Kimi Raikkonen’s contract in 2014 and 2015) obviously (is) pick Seb up off the back of Red Bull and keep moving from there.”

Officially, of course, Kolner Express was told that Vettel and Domenicali had met in Singapore simply by chance.

Asked about the latest Vettel rumours, Domenicali told the Spanish sports daily Marca: “I have read that so many drivers are coming here, it’s fantastic!

“I even read that Webber was supposed to come. Honestly, there is nothing at all and so I say nothing. It’s part of the game,” he added.

Asked, however, if Ferrari still loves Alonso as much as it did in the past, and vice versa, Domenicali insisted: “Absolutely, absolutely.

“For me, he is the most important asset of our team.”

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