Ferrari rejects Iley gossip

Mon, 14 May 2007, 02:06

Technical director Mario Almondo on Sunday rejected paddock rumours that chief aerodynamicist John Iley is on the verge of leaving Ferrari.

Speculation at the Circuit de Catalunya this weekend suggested that, alongside two junior aerodynamicists who are making their way to McLaren, Iley may also be on the move after joining the Maranello squad in 2004.

The rumour said Briton Iley would return to one of F1’s UK-based teams — possibly Spyker, under the guidance of his former Renault boss Mike Gascoyne.

“John Illey is a very important member of our team and that’s it,” Ferrari’s Almondo said.

He added in Spain: “Speculation, exactly, is probably the right word. He’s quite happy to stay with us.”

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