Ferrari revival no ‘surprise’ – Heidfeld

Thu, 18 May 2006, 09:44

BMW-Sauber racer Nick Heidfeld says that Ferrari’s return to title contention in 2006 has not surprised him.

In fact, the diminutive and quiet German told ‘Sport1’ that the real surprise was the red team’s poor form last year.

Michael Schumacher has already won two grands prix so far this season, following the single victory in the six-car debacle of Indy ’05.

”Last year aside,” Nick Heidfeld said, ”if you remember how Ferrari dominated in the past, you should always have them on your list of favourites.”

‘Quick Nick’, meanwhile, expressed relief that – following his own dreadful form at Imola and the Nurburgring – things returned to normal in Spain.

But he admitted: ”I think Honda and Williams have a faster car than us at the moment.

”Hopefully we can close this gap in the near future,” Heidfeld continued to comment, ”but I think we can because, as a new team, we have much potential.”

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