Ferrari says 2020 car ‘extreme’

Wed, 12 February 2020, 07:35

Feb.12 (GMM) Ferrari’s newly-revealed 2020 car is “extreme” and “radical” in areas, team figures said on Tuesday.

“I know it looks the same, but I assure you that it is not,” Italian media quote team boss Mattia Binotto as saying.

“It is an evolution of last year’s car, but we were also extreme in some areas.”

Last year, Ferrari got a shock when it travelled to the early races, having seemed dominant in winter testing.

“We have made some slightly more radical choices in certain areas of the car,” added Charles Leclerc, according to Ouest France newspaper.

“We worked a lot – a lot. I don’t think we have necessarily followed the example of the other teams.”

Indeed, many are regarding 2020 as an extension of 2019, as the rules are similar. 2021 ushers in one of the biggest packages of rule changes in F1 history.

“Last year’s car was the starting point. We have taken all the concepts to the extreme,” Binotto said.

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