Ferrari sponsor has back-up for Marlboro ploy

Fri, 26 January 2007, 11:55

Ferrari sponsor Philip Morris has developed a contingency plan should its new ‘subliminal’ branding on the 2007 Ferrari be deemed illegal, according to reports.

The publication ‘Sports Marketing Bulletin’ claims that Altria Group, Philip Morris’ New York-based parent company, could revert to advertising one of its food brands such as ‘Kraft’ should the new Marlboro tactic for F1 backfire.

While rival cigarette labels including Mild Seven and Lucky Strike have now bowed to advertising restrictions, Philip Morris recently extended its exclusive Ferrari deal until 2011.

Philip Morris ‘owns’ nearly all of the Ferrari livery and sub-contracts to other sponsors including Shell and Alice, now filling the spare space not with prohibited ‘Marlboro’ logos but strategic patterned use of the colours red, black and white.

Among Altria’s other non-tobacco brands are Maxwell House coffee, Oreo cookies and the orange beverage ‘Tang’.


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