Ferrari to reveal 2014 car next week

Wed, 15 January 2014, 03:35

Jan.15 (GMM) Ferrari confirmed on Wednesday that it will launch its 2014 car on 25 January.

We reported last week that the famous Italian team would have its new car ready for a Jerez debut, with an official launch date set for Maranello a few days earlier.

Indeed, on Wednesday, Ferrari said it will reveal its car on the internet with a series of exclusive photos on 25 January, a day after the official name is announced.

Before then, fans can vote for the name in an online poll, with the five options being F14 T, F14 Maranello, F14 Scuderia, F166 Turbo and F616.

The early frontrunners are F166 Turbo and F14 T.

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