Ferrari whispers now ‘more encouraging’ – insider

Wed, 5 February 2020, 07:35

Feb.5 (GMM) The latest whispers out of Maranello are “more encouraging” than they were a few weeks ago, according to well-known Ferrari insider Leo Turrini.

On his Quotidiano blog in mid January, Turrini revealed that “the indications from the simulator and the wind tunnel” about Ferrari’s 2020 car “have not impressed the engineers”.

But the long-time Italian journalist says the latest rumblings out of Maranello are better.

“The indications of the last week are more encouraging,” Turrini said on Quotidiano.

“So far it’s not all smooth, but as I explained already, there is still time.”

Turrini said Ferrari went into the winter determined to improve its 2019 car, as it was very fast in a straight line but less impressive in the corners.

“Apart from the results, the goal is to have a simpler machine which is not exposed to sudden changes in performance depending on the tracks,” he said.

As for the engine, which according to some suffered as a result of a spate of FIA clarifications in the second half of last season, Turrini said all is well.

“At Maranello, they are convinced that they have no problem with the performance of the power unit,” he said.

“(Mattia) Binotto is very sure at least that it is not inferior to Mercedes and Honda.”

Finally, Turrini played down fears about Ferrari’s warring drivers, who clashed on occasion in 2019.

“The relationship between Vettel and Leclerc is less bumpy than could have been feared after the turbulence of 2019,” he said.

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