Ferrari won’t copy Red Bull’s ‘Newey’ approach

Thu, 14 March 2013, 05:35

Mar.14 (GMM) Ferrari insists it is happy with its technical structure, despite not having a high-profile figure like Adrian Newey in the limelight.

“The goal,” said the Italian team’s Greek designer Nicholas Tombazis, “is to combine respect with victory, which is what we have failed to do in recent years.”

Indeed, in the wake of Kimi Raikkonen’s title for the Maranello marque in 2007, the coveted drivers’ championships have subsequently gone to McLaren, Brawn, and then Red Bull, whose technical head Newey is widely proclaimed a ‘genius’.

“Without knowing the details,” Tombazis told Italy’s Autosprint in an interview, “I think the way we are organised is quite different.

“We do not have a person who does everything, who pretends to know everything, while all the others are slaves.

“We have a strong team and also quite a ‘deep’ one, that we have been able to re-examine in recent years because we were not winning.

“From the technical point of view I think it’s hard not to feel admiration for Adrian Newey. From the human point of view, I know other people,” he added.

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