Ferrari yet to sign up for F1’s 2026 rules

Sun, 20 November 2022, 07:00

Nov.20 (GMM) Ferrari is yet to sign up for Formula 1’s new engine rules in 2026.

Initially, the FIA set a deadline of October 15 for the 2026 entries – but it was then extended as talks about the new rules rolled on and only Audi signed up.

A new deadline of November 15 was then imposed, but there were still rumours that existing engine manufacturers including Ferrari and Mercedes had still not signed up.

Laurent Rossi, the CEO of Alpine, said in Abu Dhabi that the French manufacturer is now ready to sign.

“At some point, when we reach a level in discussions where we think we’re all in a good position, we sign – or we’re going to sign. I think it’s imminent,” he said.

Christian Horner, meanwhile, says Red Bull Powertrains has signed up.

“The deadlines were extended but there’s an awful lot of discussion about governance and tidying up some of the technical regs and obviously financial regs as well,” he said.

“But as a newcomer for 2026, Red Bull Powertrains has entered.”

As for Mercedes, Toto Wolff says the German marque has now entered after a delay.

“There was no formal deadline,” the Austrian insists. “And we have entered – that has happened.

“Now it’s about the FIA to talk to everyone else and these discussions are progressing as far as I understand. We are on course for 2026.”

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