Ferrari’s low-profile winter ‘like therapy’

Mon, 27 February 2017, 08:35

Feb.27 (GMM) Ferrari extended its ultra low-profile approach to the 2017 season into the official reveal of its new car.

Pino Allievi, arguably the most respected Italian journalist, called the lack of grand proclamations or launch glitz and glamour “a kind of therapy” as the fabled team looks to finally end a ten-year title drought.

Kimi Raikkonen gave the new red car, whose obvious technical innovations have been hailed in some quarters, a tentative thumbs-up after debuting it at Fiorano.

“The real work starts only in Barcelona, but so far so good,” said the Finn.

And Sebastian Vettel is quoted by La Repubblica newspaper: “Obviously it’s too early to make judgements, but I would say that this car is a major step forward.”

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