FIA ‘nervous’ about F1’s return to Bahrain – report

Tue, 18 December 2012, 05:35

Dec.18 (GMM) The FIA is “nervous” ahead of formula one’s still-controversial return to Bahrain in 2013.

After the 2011 race was cancelled due to civil unrest in the island Kingdom, the sport’s return to Sakhir this year was hugely controversial.

And “top-level figures” at the sport’s Paris-based governing body “are already nervous” that the 2013 edition – scheduled for next late April – will be “another horrifying embarrassment”, according to Times correspondent Kevin Eason.

“It was a public relations disaster on every level,” Eason quoted an unnamed source as saying.

“The race will go on but you have to wonder what will happen this time.

“The demonstrators were not very organised in April and they probably feel they missed the chance to use the race as a platform.

“This time, they have plenty of warning that the race is on and plenty of time to make plans. It is fingers-crossed time,” the source added.

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