FIA propose to allow flexi-wings

Thu, 28 June 2007, 04:01

F1’s governing body could legalise moveable aerodynamic devices in 2011, it emerged after a meeting on Wednesday of the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris.

Despite recent controversies over currently banned designs like overly flexible wings and floors, the FIA revealed in a statement that freeing up these regulations could “reduce drag by over 50% and allow a 40% reduction in the power required to maintain current speeds”.

Overtaking, meanwhile, could be stimulated by introducing new rules and standardised bodywork to “halve the downforce”, making it easier for the next car to follow and pass its rival, while V8s may be scrapped and replaced by 4-cylinder engines.

Also mooted at the meeting were “restrictions on personnel” at races and restrictions “on the use of (wind tunnels)”.

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