FIA seal Cosworth’s F1 exit

Thu, 19 October 2006, 09:00

Wednesday’s meeting of the world motor sport council effectively sealed the fate of formula one’s beleaguered independent engine supplier, Cosworth.

The Northampton based firm failed to attract a partner for next season, but a rule change for 2008 gave Cosworth faint hope of finding a way back onto the grid.

A regulation for 2008 would have made it illegal for any supplier to equip more than a single team. Either Red Bull (or Toro Rosso) or Spyker, then, would have had to seek an alternative to their Ferrari engine deals.

But an FIA statement said after the meeting in Barcelona: “Ferrari’s request to supply two teams with engines in the 2008 championship has been accepted.”

A Cosworth spokesperson admitted: “The Brazilian grand prix is likely to be the last race for Cosworth as a formula one engine supplier.”


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