FIA to inspect Korea after final asphalt laid – report

Thu, 23 September 2010, 06:01

Sep.23 (GMM) September 21, touted as the belated final inspection date for Korea’s new F1 circuit, passed without notice.

That’s because it has been agreed with the struggling race organisers that the inspection can take place next week instead, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

Charlie Whiting’s inspection will now take place next Tuesday, despite the FIA rules requiring circuits to be given the green light several months before their debut race date.

But according to the German media report, it is only next week that the final layer of asphalt will be laid on the surface of the Yeongam layout.

Also to be inspected by Whiting will be the run-off areas, fences, walls and tyre barriers; crucial details that mere days ago were essentially incomplete.

Auto Motor und Sport said that, from a commercial point of view, the organisers have fully paid their race sanctioning fee.

“I believe it (the Korean circuit) will eventually be signed off because Bernie (Ecclestone) is desperate for it to be signed off.

“But it’s not great PR for the circuit or the FIA,” said Telegraph correspondent Tom Cary.

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