FIA tweaks qualifying format for Bahrain

Sat, 29 March 2008, 02:24

A tweak to the ‘knockout’ format will be installed before cars face the qualifying session in Bahrain next weekend.

As reported earlier, teams and F1’s governing body considered the change necessary after slow-moving cars that were saving fuel got in the way of runners on their final flying laps at the end of ‘Q3’ in Malaysia.

The imposition of a maximum time limit for in-laps, probably 120 per cent of a driver’s quickest lap, is therefore being introduced mainly on the grounds of safety.

“Our clarification to the teams and drivers will be that cars returning to the pits having completed their flying lap or laps will be required to do so within a time that we will set,” an FIA spokesman confirmed.

“This could be approximately 120 per cent of the normal time as we do to prevent drivers going very slowly to the grid to save fuel,” he added.

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