FIA vice president loses license for drink-driving

Tue, 12 March 2013, 07:35

Mar.12 (GMM) Carlos Gracia, a vice-president of F1’s governing FIA, has lost his license for drink-driving.

Spain’s El Confidential reports that the Spanish motor racing chief was pulled over in the Aragon region last October.

The 72-year-old failed the breath test, the report added.

A court has taken away Gracia’s license for a period of eight months. The German-language Speed Week claims he also lost his license for the same reason in 1966 and 2003.

“We all make mistakes, and on that day (in 2012) I made one,” he is quoted as saying.

“I was at my sister’s birthday party, I was not feeling well and I had a glass too much to drink.

“The police stopped me, I did not have an accident but my alcohol level was too high,” said Gracia.

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