FIA working on better-looking Halo

Sun, 2 September 2018, 05:35

Sep.2 (GMM) A more refined version of the ‘Halo’ concept is in the works.

That is the news from the FIA’s Charlie Whiting, as the F1 paddock almost unanimously agreed at Monza that the controversial safety innovation helped keep Charles Leclerc safe in his recent Spa crash.

However, Whiting admitted that it is not “aesthetically pleasing”.

“Otherwise we are very happy with the current Halo and we’re introducing it in other championships,” he said.

“We’re also working on a new version called the Halo 4. But that’s a fairly long-term project.

“We’ve already spent five, six years on the current version and we’ll probably be introducing the Halo 4 in 2021 when the new cars arrive. The goal is to make it look a little nicer.”

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