Fifth engine rule not in place yet – Wolff

Sun, 12 April 2015, 08:35

Apr.12 (GMM) There is still no agreement on the introduction of a fifth engine per driver in 2015.

Dismayed that the strict allocation of just four ‘power units’ per driver this year was discouraging track action on Fridays, Bernie Ecclestone recently proposed that a fifth engine be added to the allocation.

Reports subsequently emerged that the Strategy Group had voted favourably on the proposal.

But Mercedes boss Toto Wolff admitted in Shanghai that the rule is not yet ready to be imposed.

“First the proposal was to allocate an engine only for Friday practice,” he told reporters in Shanghai, “but then came the offer to allow five engines per season under certain circumstances.

“We agreed to it, and a clear proposal was sent to the FIA. After that,” Wolff revealed, “the situation has not changed.”

He said the subject will surely return to the agenda at the next Strategy Group meeting in two weeks.

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