Fisichella loses license

Mon, 21 November 2005, 02:49

Renault F1 racing driver and this years Australian GP winner Giancarlo Fishicella has had his driving license revoked by Police after being flagged down barreling along at 148kph through the outskirts of Rome just after dawn on Sunday morning.

Fisichella told reporters later that he and his wife were in a hurry to return home from friends after their nanny called to say that their son had come down with a high fever, that he was crying and understandably wanted to see his mother.

“We were so worried, we jumped into the car and tried to get home as quickly as possible” he said. “I realize that even in such circumstances one should never speed and I am truly sorry and realize what I did was wrong” stated the upset Italian.

The street speed limit is 60 kph.


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