Fisichella rebuts 10m pay-drive reports

Fri, 4 January 2008, 01:28

Giancarlo Fisichella has rubbished reports that he is set to pay 10 million euros for the vacant Force India race seat.

It was reported late last month that the former Renault race winner, who turns 35 in January, has amassed the money to bolster his bid to stay on the formula one grid this year.

The Spanish sports daily Marca also claimed that Roldan Rodriguez is similarly in the running to land the drive because he has a comparable amount of sponsorship backing to offer Vijay Mallya’s newly acquired Silverstone based team.

But on his personal website, Fisichella posted a message “especially for all those creative media guys” who have labelled him F1’s next pay driver.

“I do not pay to drive, I get paid to drive,” the Italian said. “I do not bring sponsors to the team, the team brings sponsors to me. (And) if I had 10 million bucks, I’d stay home and watch F1 on TV!”

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