Fisichella stays at Renault says manager

Thu, 6 October 2005, 09:37

The manager of Giancarlo Fisichella, Enrico Zanarini, has confirmed in the Italian business magazine Capital that the Roman will again drive for Renault in the 2006 season.

Their were some rumours tha Flavio Briatore had interest to recplace Giancarlo Fisichella with Williams’ Mark Webber. The rumour was already denied by Mark Webber.

Two weeks ago in Brasil Fisichella drove a dissapointing race whil Fernando Alonso took the Formula 1 drivers world championship. However Renault is still in heavy fight with McLaren for the constuctors championship.

“‘Fisi did not have a great race,” technical director Bob Bell admitted, “‘but that just happens sometimes. He has clearly proved that he is as good as anybody on his day.”

Peter Gloudemans

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