Fitting end for Red Bull’s first season of F1

Mon, 17 October 2005, 12:54

Starting from seventh on the grid, David made an excellent start. The 13-time grand prix winner moved up to sixth position, was threatening Jenson Button for overall fifth and pushing hard aboard his RB1. He made his first pit stop and was looking set for a good race, but then was extremely unlucky to be caught behind the safety car, which seemed to believe Montoya, two cars ahead, was the race leader. After allowing Montoya, Button and David to pass, this relegated the trio behind several of the chasing cars. When the safety car came for a second time, the team fuelled David’s car to the end of the race but, unfortunately, the damage had already been done and he ended the race in ninth position. Coulthard discussed his unfortunate race day, “That was pants. With every safety car we went backwards, but that’s the way these things work sometimes. Safety cars either work for or against you. We made our pit stop one lap before it came out, which cost us, but there was also some confusion with Jenson and Montoya. I overtook them both and came up along side the safety car. I slowed down to clarify the safety car wanted me to pass, but they both re-passed me alongside the safety car and re-took position. I asked Charlie Whiting (FIA) for clarification during the race, to find out if it was allowed, but it never came from the FIA. I know it’s very confusing in those situations, as there’s lots of traffic and cars, but it undoubtedly cost me some points. Christian scoring four points is great for the team and it concludes what’s been a very positive first year for Red Bull Racing. We’ll be back next year and, hopefully, be even stronger.”

On a more positive note, Christian Klien scored his highest ever finish, set some of the fastest laps of the race and crossed the line fifth to take four points for the team and himself in the FIA Championships. A quick- thinking strategic decision by the team not to pit Christian during the second safety car stint, worked perfectly. “Absolutely brilliant, fantastic, that was one of the best races for me. Everything came together and not pitting during the second safety car worked perfectly. When I came out of the pits and saw on the pit board that I was fifth, I couldn’t believe it. It was great to set some of the fastest laps of the race too, as the fuel went down in the car, it just got better and better to drive. It’s a great way to end the season.” Klien commented about his excellent performance yesterday.

Team Sporting Director, Christian Horner talked about the perfect finish for what has been a perfect start for Red Bull Racing in Formula One, “Christian drove an excellent race. We decided not to stop him during the second pace car, which, due to his track position, was the right thing to do. He set some impressive times, including, at one point, the fastest lap of the race. We managed to leapfrog the group of cars behind Barrichello, which included David, and fifth place was a well-deserved finish after a good season for him. David looked extremely strong in the first part of the race before we pitted. Unfortunately, he picked up the pace car at just the wrong time, which cost him significantly as it allowed other cars to pass, while David had to effectively complete another lap to catch the safety car. This ultimately cost him points. I’d also like to thank Cosworth who have done an excellent job for us in this race and all season.“

It’s a fitting end to Red Bull Racing’s first season, which saw the team start the year by claiming points and ending it in exactly the same way. For Team Red Bull Racing, bring on 2006…

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