Flavio should sign Alonso, keep Heiki

Wed, 28 November 2007, 10:10

In our latest poll, we asked you which driver combination Renault should be most happy with, providing the choice of combinations between Alonso, Fisichella, Piquet jnr and Kovalainen. An overwhelming majority thought it best for Flavio to keep Kovalainen and try to sign Alonso, with the least popular choice proving to be the combination of Fisichella and Kovalainen.

Of course things are proving to be not that simple. First of all, there are reports that neither Fisichella nor Kovalainen have been welcomed back into the fold, pointing to a Piquet/Alonso combo as Flavio’s first choice. Alonso is not playing ball though as it appears that he is still trying to keep his options open for a Ferrari drive in 2009 – meaning he won’t sign more than a year contract with any team. To say that Renault is “unlikely” to go for this is the understatement of the year. Red Bull have also made it clear that they are not willing to sign Alonso if it is only for a year – with rumours flying around that Red Bull actually offered the Spaniard a 5 year deal.

Everyone seems to be waiting for someone to blink first. With two Spanish GP’s in ’08, it doesn’t seem plausible for Alonso to take year’s gardening leave either.

In contradiction to the rumour of a five year offer from Red Bull to Alonso, both Coulthard and Webber have made it clear that they have very solid contracts for next year, yet most pundits still believe it quite possible that one of them may be shifted to Toro Rosso to make way for the double world champion. The question is: Who should it be?

While Webber is almost undeniably quicker over a single lap, Coulthard does seem to be the better race driver. Coulthard also ended the ’07 season with more points in the same car. Webber fans would argue that reliability was largely to blame for Webber’s lack of points this year, while the Coulthard supporters would argue in turn that the grey beard suffered fewer problems because he has, over the years, proven to be far gentler on his cars than any of his team mates. Other arguments include Webber’s age advantage, vs. Coulthard’s years of experience of working with Adrian Newey, Red Bulls ace designer, at McLaren. So who should be sacrificed? You tell us by voting on our home page.

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