Force India proposes ‘free choice’ for Pirelli tyres

Fri, 24 April 2015, 01:35

Apr.24 (GMM) Force India has come up with a proposal to spice up formula one.

Sporting director Otmar Szafnauer thinks the races would be more exciting if more of Pirelli’s four compounds are being used throughout the field.

Currently, the F1 tyre supplier selects two compounds to take to each race.

“Pirelli has four different compounds in its range,” Szafnauer told Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport.

“Why can’t each team individually select its two options?

“If the teams give Pirelli a four week lead time, the tyres can be produced in time without adding to the cost.

“The selections will then be secret until the Thursday before the race, so that on Thursday, it will be an interesting talking point,” he added.

The move would undoubtedly spice up the action, with a range of pace, degradation and pit strategies spread throughout the field.

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