Force India protest about ‘equality’ – Steiner

Sat, 24 November 2018, 07:35

Nov.24 (GMM) Haas is merely seeking “equal treatment” in deciding to protest against the legality of Force India’s cars.

That is the view of Haas boss Gunther Steiner, after the American team lodged a formal protest to the stewards in Abu Dhabi.

Haas is claiming that, as a brand new entrant, ‘Racing Point Force India’ is illegally using cars that were not technically designed by the new team.

The dispute comes after Liberty Media agreed to pay Force India $60 million in the form of its so-called ‘Column 1’ payments under the Concorde Agreement.

A ‘new’ team like Haas is not normally entitled to Column 1 money for two years.

“We are just looking for equal treatment for all the teams,” Steiner is quoted by Ekstra Bladet newspaper.

“We are not trying to get more, but just what teams in the future know what they are entitled to,” he added.

“We entered formula one under certain conditions, and we do not feel that this has happened on this occasion with Force India.

“So we want equality, or least an explanation as to why that has not happened,” Steiner said.

The stewards are set to rule on the protest on Saturday.

Steiner said: “Initially we tried to find a friendly solution, but we have not received any answer. At some point you have to act.”

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