Former F1 driver Piquet Jr wins 35 years after his father

Mon, 6 April 2015, 08:50

Nelson Piquet, Jr., son of three times world champion Nelson Piquet, took his first victory driving a Formula E car in Long Beach, 35 years after his father conquered his first F1 victory at the same place.
Piquet Jr, who drove for Renault F1 team until be fired by Flavio Briatore, allegedly by lack of performance, was involved in the Crashgate scandal, when he crashed his car on purpose in 2008 Singapore GP after be told to do so by Briatore in a maneuver to allow Fernando Alonso to win that race.
After his demission, Piquet Jr revealed the plot to press, Briatore was suspended from all Formula One events and FIA-sanctioned events indefinitely, whilst Symonds received a five-year ban.

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