FOTA wants ‘independent’ new FIA president

Thu, 25 June 2009, 04:30

Jun.25 (GMM) FOTA on Thursday seemed to object to speculation that Jean Todt, the former Ferrari team boss, is first in line to succeed Max Mosley as FIA president

With the rebel teams having dispensed with the controversial 69-year-old Briton, rumours indicate that Frenchman Todt, a divisive figure who was as unpopular as he was successful in the Michael Schumacher era, will receive Mosley’s personal endorsement to assume the role late this year

But at a meeting of the teams association in Bologna, FOTA vice-chairman and Toyota president John Howett said: “We would like to see someone independent, perhaps independent from any of us, either currently or historically

“It would mean a much better balance.”nnFIA presidents are elected by the Paris federation’s 122 member clubs, not the F1 teams

Mosley doubts his successor, whoever he is, will be “more to their” liking than he ultimately was, but is now looking forward to returning from his Monaco base to his wife in London for a calmer life

One of his first projects will be his memoirs

“They will have plenty of very funny and explosive stories in them,” the Briton promised

FOTA, meanwhile, said on Thursday that its next step, after the regulatory battle with FIA, is a new commercial agreement with Bernie Ecclestone

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