Fry denies ‘B’ car for Canada

Sat, 14 April 2007, 11:43

Honda’s Nick Fry has agreed in Bahrain that reports of a ‘new car’ for the Canadian grand prix are exaggerated.

As another uncompetitive weekend unfolds for the Japanese squad at the Sakhir circuit, boss Fry said “a large number” of new parts are planned for Barcelona, Montreal and also France, but he denied that they will culminate with effectively a ‘B’-spec RA107.

“I think it’s just going to be a series of rolling changes, if you like, rather than one change which is going to fix the problem,” he said.

Fry explained that the gearbox, engine and rear suspension is likely to be unaltered in the redesign.

“I wouldn’t call it a new car but it’s not going to be insubstantial either,” he concluded.

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