Fuji apologises for grand prix problems

Tue, 2 October 2007, 02:10

Organisers of the Japanese grand prix at Fuji Speedway have agreed to repay about (US) $3 million to spectators who last weekend could not properly see the circuit from their seats.

A report in the local Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper said the organisers had received complaints from spectators who were located in temporary grandstands located at the rear of the permanent turn one stands.

About 7,000 spectators will get ticket refunds, and another 85 will be reimbursed for transportation, hotel and other expenses because their shuttle buses did not make it to the circuit until 30 minutes after the start of Sunday’s race.

“We should bear the costs as the delay was our fault,” a representative for the organiser was quoted as saying.

Other spectators complained when their shuttle bus service was stranded at the circuit on Saturday night.

“I’m deeply sorry that our lack of experience has led to so many problems,” said Fuji Speedway president Hiroaki Kato.

“We plan to investigate the cause of the problems to prevent them from recurring next year.”

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