Gap too big for points in 2019 – Kubica

Wed, 29 May 2019, 09:35

May 29 (GMM) Robert Kubica thinks Williams may go the entire 2019 season without a single point.

On his return to F1 this year, the Pole is regularly dead last in both qualifying and the race.

“Formula 1 changes very fast, but I hope that this season will end well for us,” he told the Polish broadcaster TVP.

“I think we will not be on the podium, and we will also have problems collecting points, because now the gap is huge.

“Even if other teams froze work on their cars, it would still be difficult for us to fight them.

“We will try to get closer to the rest and this is a real goal for this season,” Kubica added.

As for what is wrong with Williams’ 2019 car, he said: “Maybe I know what our problem is, but I cannot fix it. The drivers do not build the cars.

“Williams had delays which obviously did not help us. But even if we did not have them, in my opinion we would not be fighting for points now,” Kubica added.

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