Gascoyne rules out quick shift gearbox for Spyker

Thu, 5 April 2007, 12:10

Mike Gascoyne has ruled out following the lead of top formula one teams in developing a high-speed gearbox for the Spyker team in the near future.

The Dutch squad’s chief technology officer told Auto Motor und Sport: “I would rather put the money into the wind tunnel.

“A quick shift transmission might give us two tenths (per lap) for an investment of half a million (dollars).

“The same investment into aerodynamics delivers much more in terms of lap time.”

Since arriving at Spyker a few months ago, Gascoyne has set up a relationship for the team with the Italian facility Aerolab, located in Bologna, making available a second wind tunnel alongside the one being redeveloped at Brackley.

The Briton said he is sure a raft of new bodywork to debut at Sepang this weekend – development in conjunction with Aerolab – would deliver a lap time boost, despite the fact that Spyker was the only team to sit out last week’s major test.

Referring to the update, Gascoyne insisted: “I’m pretty sure of the increase it’s going to give.”

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