Germany slams Alonso for finger insult

Mon, 5 June 2006, 12:51

Having recently trotted out the derogatory ‘Schummel Schumi’ headlines, the German press is now getting stuck into a scandal involving F1’s current champion.

Daily tabloid ‘Bild’ is today running with a headline slamming Fernando Alonso for sticking up his middle finger.

‘Alonso Insults Fans’, the headline screamed, while the article published a photo depicting the 24-year-old Spaniard on a boat in the Monaco harbour doing the offending deed.

”The otherwise pleasant world champion has another side,” Bild wrote.

”Instead of putting his foot on the gas, the Renault star sticks up his finger.”

The popular newspaper claims that Alonso made the gesture to cheering fans who had spotted the driver, but the photo appears to depict the Monte Carlo winner squarely aiming his disaffection at the photographer.

However, contrasting Alonso’s actions with those of countryman Michael Schumacher at Rascasse, the Bild journalist continued: ”Schumi is certainly not perfect, but in sixteen years he has never showed his finger to anyone.”gmmf1

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