Glock impressed with Verstappen’s calm in 2021

Wed, 6 October 2021, 08:00

Oct.6 (GMM) Former F1 driver Timo Glock is impressed with Max Verstappen’s calm demeanour as he races for his first world championship in 2021.

Glock, who now races in the German series DTM, referred to the Red Bull driver’s recent and highly controversial crash with title rival Lewis Hamilton at Monza.

“He didn’t get involved in anything after Monza, he’s just doing his thing,” said the German.

Indeed, Verstappen’s on-track aggression used to be paired with a similar off-track style – like when he almost brawled with Esteban Ocon after their clash in Brazil in 2018.

“Before, he would have exploded,” Glock said of Verstappen’s Hamilton clash.

“I expected him to rip open his visor and get into it, but he’s a lot more mellow now,” he laughed.

“He knows that in the end it only harms himself. He has clearly worked on himself so that he understands first to take a deep breath and splash yourself with cold water,” Glock told Speed Week.

And Verstappen has been just as cool and impressive on the track in 2021, according to Glock.

“What he did in Sochi, making the call at the right time and no mistakes at all, it’s races like that that can decide the championship,” he said.

“It shows maturity and that’s he’s ready, even if the pressure is massively increasing now.

“But it would be a win for Formula 1 if he took the title. And I’d like it for Michael (Schumacher) too,” Glock, referring to the fact that Hamilton would break the F1 legend’s seven title record in 2021, said.

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