Glock not confirming Virgin seat for 2011

Sun, 7 November 2010, 10:01

Nov.7 (GMM) Timo Glock has refused to definitively confirm that he will still be with the Virgin team in 2011.

Earlier, the new British team’s boss John Booth said the German’s contract for next year is “set in stone”.

But when asked for confirmation at Interlagos, 28-year-old Glock said when asked if he is staying in 2011: “At the moment it looks like it.”

Glock, who spent the previous two seasons with Toyota, told the German language that it has been a particularly difficult year.

“I knew we would have problems, but I didn’t expect so many,” he admitted.

Glock was also asked why he is reluctant to confirm 100 per cent that he is staying for 2011.

“In F1 you never know. Who would have thought that Michael Schumacher would come back?” he answered.

Glock was also asked about Bernie Ecclestone’s reference to the new 2010 teams as “cripples”.

“I read the headline and decided not to read the article!” he smiled. “I just wonder what he thinks about when we beat some of the established teams.”

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