Hamilton admits he triggered manager split

Sun, 14 March 2010, 12:01

Mar.14 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton has admitted he masterminded the end of his managerial relationship with his father Anthony.

Amid rumours he had come under pressure from his pop singer girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger to make the split, the McLaren driver said in Bahrain: “That’s complete rubbish. It was me who initiated it.”

Before the split, Hamilton and Scherzinger confirmed they had ended their relationship, but in the days before the Bahrain GP they reunited in Los Angeles, where Hamilton has rented two houses.

At the time, the Daily Mail said: “So Lewis Hamilton, does your dad know you’ve flown 6000 miles to be with your Pussycat?”

Hamilton, 25, told British newspapers late on Saturday that his father “will miss” coming to the races this year.

“I think he took it well. He tried to take it as a dad.”

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