Hamilton admits McLaren exclusion possible

Sun, 9 September 2007, 04:38

Lewis Hamilton at Monza admitted for the first time that Sunday’s Italian grand prix might have been his last formula one race for a while.

The British rookie finished second at the Autodromo Nazionale, which brought his victorious McLaren teammate Fernando within three points of his lead in the drivers’ title.

But with the Woking based team now heading to the World Motor Sport Council ahead of next weekend’s Belgian grand prix, 22-year-old Hamilton expressed concern at the possible sanctions that could result.

While most in the paddock agree that McLaren will minimally be docked of championship points for its involving in the espionage scandal, Hamilton also acknowledged the FIA’s ultimate power.

“When you really think about that, you think ‘wow, I could be out of a job next weekend and then what happens?'” he said in a pre-race interview on Sunday with the British broadcaster ITV.

Hamilton enjoyed a dream start to his formula one career this year, but said recent off-track developments have been like a “big knife” to him and his team, including his childhood mentor Ron Dennis.

“I never actually thought I’d be sitting here saying I hate something about formula one, but the politics and people wanting to be bigger than others is just incredible,” he continued.

“F1 would not be the same without McLaren, so let’s just keep our fingers crossed that nothing else is going to happen.”

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