Hamilton better champion than Alonso says Bernie

Sat, 6 October 2007, 12:07

Bernie Ecclestone says Lewis Hamilton will make a better world champion than his McLaren teammate Fernando Alonso.

F1’s chief executive, at the scene of the Chinese grand prix, where his 22-year-old countryman could secure the title near the end of his rookie season, said Alonso has “done nothing” for the sport since winning back to back titles in 2005 and 2006.

Kimi Raikkonen, Ecclestone added, “barely talks to anyone”.

“It is painfully obvious to me that the right guy to be world champion is Lewis,” Bernie said. “In fact my main fear would be if he didn’t win it.

“If Lewis wins the drivers’ championship he will act like a real world champion. He will know exactly what is expected of him and what he has to do.”

Ecclestone hails Hamilton as a “miracle worker” following the dramatic retirement of seven time world champion Michael Schumacher.

“But for him I’m not sure where the sport would be heading,” he said.

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