Hamilton cuts deal to keep key trophies

Mon, 10 November 2008, 11:58

Nov.10 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton has cut a second sweet and unique deal with McLaren boss Ron Dennis

It had already emerged that, with his third drivers’ world championship for the British team, Hamilton has been promised the McLaren F1 LM supercar – worth about $8m – that currently resides in the team museum

And 23-year-old Hamilton revealed at Mercedes-Benz’s end-of-season Stars and Cars event in Stuttgart that he is also being allowed to keep several of the trophies he wins at grands prix

Dennis, famously an almost obsessive perfectionist, allows McLaren drivers to make replicas of their trophies, but the originals – even those won by famous triple world champion Ayrton Senna – are all housed in the McLaren Technology Centre

“I made a deal with Ron that I could keep the trophy from my first podium, first win, first Monaco win and first world championship. I am happy with that,” Hamilton said in Germany

The Briton will collect his world championship trophy at the FIA gala dinner in Monaco next month

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