Hamilton does not want champions’ advice

Tue, 1 July 2008, 05:31

Lewis Hamilton says he will not seek out the advice of two past British world champions.

Amid the McLaren driver’s current trough, and the negative vibes in the press, Sir Jackie Stewart and Damon Hill in particular have been forthright with their views about how the 23-year-old might deal with the low-point and return to top form.

But despite Stewart and Hill sharing four drivers’ titles between them, Hamilton insists that “nobody” is in a position to counsel him.

“I’m in a unique position,” the Briton is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

“Nobody has felt exactly the same things as I’ve felt. The only person I really take advice from is my dad.”

Hamilton insists that he does not ignore the advice of Stewart and Hill.

“Whenever I speak to Damon or Jackie I do take what they say on board, but I’m not going to go searching them out and ask how I can be world champion. I want to do it on my own. I got to where I am on my own, with my family,” he said.

Hamilton this week also denied that he is at war with the media.

“I’m not criticising you,” he told reporters in the run-up to this weekend’s British grand prix at Silverstone.

“You guys have a job to do and so do I. That’s why I’m always totally open with you. You were very supportive last year. You know me — I don’t bullsh*t.

“You help me get my message across. You help me shine as a normal person to the public. That’s why these people are standing outside waiting to see me.”

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