Hamilton has changed F1 – Mosley

Fri, 10 October 2008, 07:00

Oct.9 (GMM) Lewis Hamilton has had an impact on the traditional “image” of formula one, according to FIA president Max Mosley

He is quoted by The Guardian newspaper as crediting Hamilton, the 23-year-old championship challenger who drives for McLaren, for leading F1 away from its perception as a “white elitist sport”

“It has that image, inevitably, because it’s so expensive to get into,” Mosley, 69, said

The Briton said Hamilton’s success has opened F1’s doors not only to a wider public in the UK “but even more so abroad”

“He’s come from a pretty ordinary background, he’s black and he’s very successful. For us, if he’s successful, it will be excellent, really, really good for formula one

“But that doesn’t mean we’re going to help him, and it certainly doesn’t mean we’re going to hinder him,” Mosley added

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