Hamilton needs allies not enemies – Jordan

Sat, 18 October 2008, 11:38

Oct.18 (GMM) Former team owner Eddie Jordan has questioned Lewis Hamilton’s brash approach, arguing that isolating himself from the F1 community is not a good idea

“He’s alienated the drivers against himself .. and I think it’s a political game as much as it is a talent game,” Jordan told the BBC

“To have Hamilton alienated so much … is a concern because we all know when you’re in a fight you need as many allies as you can possibly find

“He has the talent but he needs to learn the political wrangling of what goes on at grand prix racing,” Jordan said

The founder of the former Jordan team, which today is known as Force India, believes the root of the problem is Hamilton’s personality, which is “too strong”

“He comes across absolutely so strong mentally that he is perhaps, dare I say, even too strong. There’s a point where you can actually go too far; there’s a point you’re perhaps not strong enough,” he said

Despite Hamilton’s history with Fernando Alonso, Jordan believes the McLaren driver should learn from the Spaniard’s titles in 2005 and 2006

“Fernando … has won two world championships, but more importantly, has won the last two races with a vastly inferior car

“So that must tell you something, he’s won it with a minimum of fuss, no hysterics and no drama, and this is the problem I have at the moment with Hamilton,” Jordan added

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