Hamilton not bitter about 2007 Alonso rift

Mon, 14 July 2008, 11:40

Lewis Hamilton has revealed he does not look back with any bitterness despite his sour relationship with Fernando Alonso last year.

So uncomfortable at McLaren was Alonso, a former double world champion, that the parties negotiated an early end to their contract.

But Hamilton, the 23-year-old British driver, recalls a purely “sporting rivalry” with the Spaniard in 2007.

He plays down suggestions that, as a rookie, he failed to show Alonso the right level of respect.

Hamilton told the German newspaper Handelsblatt: “If you go into your first season and are against the world champion, that is a privilege. I admire what Fernando achieved, but the first person you always have to beat is your teammate.

“That was my goal,” he added.

Hamilton admits that the low point last year was Hungary, when the now infamous “pit blockade” incident occurred in qualifying.

He said the teammates then got together in an Istanbul hotel room for clear-the-air talks before the next race.

“I was sad and disappointed that our relationship did not improve,” he admits.

Hamilton, who made his formula one debut only last year, said he greatly admired Alonso for his championship feats in 2005 and 2006.

“Naturally I followed formula one closely and saw how well he drove. It showed me how to behave and how to become more professional.

“It would be great if, in the future, someone is in the same position and looks at me and thinks, ‘That is how to be world champion’.”

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