Hamilton repeats tax motivation for UK exit

Thu, 6 December 2007, 09:37

Lewis Hamilton has once again admitted that tax considerations contributed to his move to Switzerland.

The McLaren rookie was heavily criticised by the British press recently for insisting that only his desire for a quieter life compelled him to select Geneva as his new home.

But on a British talk show last month, 22-year-old Hamilton performed a swift u-turn by admitting that tax “definitely” factored into his Swiss move.

He was again cornered by the British media this week, when a reporter for the Daily Telegraph asked if his UK visit counted towards one of the 90 days he is allowed to spend in the country during the current tax year.

To be classified as a non-resident, citizens living outside the UK are only exempt from paying tax if they spend all but 90 days in their new homeland.

When asked whether he was using up one of the precious days this week, Hamilton said: “Yes, and I’m already using up too many.”

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